Contract C1 - Proposed Expansion to Digesters and Effluent Pumping Station (EPS) at Changi Water Reclamation Plant (CWRP)

Client: UES Holdings Pte Ltd

Changi Water Reclamation (CWRP), located at the eastern end of Signapore is one of the largest and most advanced reclamation facilities in the world. CWRP is part of the S$3.5bn deep tunnel sewerage system (DTSS), an important componenet of Singapore's water management strategy which allows every drop of used water to be collected, treated and further purified into NEWater, Singapore's own brand of reclaimed water. PUB's expansion for the plant to treat an additional  22 million gallons (60,000 cubic meters a day) includes expansion of effluent pumping station, anaerobic digester and membrane plant construction.

PUB's expansion to augment its capacity at CWRP includes the expansion of existing Solids and Liquids treatment facilities by adding an anaerobic digester to complement the existing five digesters and extension of existing EPS with a wet-dry well.

B3 Engineering Pte Ltd had the opportunity to render its services as a subcontractor to United Engineers Holdings Pte Ltd (UESH), to provide Mechanical & Process Piping Installation and , Site Accepetance Testing & Performance Commissioning, Handing over, Defects Liability fulfilment for Thickened Sludge & Digested Sludge Transfer System, Sludge Mixing System, Scum Removal system, Drain System, Gas Management System, Sludge Heating & Primary Hot Water Recirculation Loop, Odour Control System, G3HP Water System, Compressed Air System, Foam Suppression System and Sampling System for the Contract C1.

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