SERVICES - Fire Protection Works

Passive Fire Protection 

Passive Fire Protection is indispensable to the stability and integrity of buildings in case of fire. Passive fire protection is built into the structure to provide stability, protection and to separate the building in to areas of manageable risk. These are designed to restrict the growth of and spread of fire allowing the occupants to escape or making way for the fire fighters to do their required job. Such protection is provided by the materials which are added to the structural openings to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas.



B3 Engineering fire protection team comprises of creative engineers, highly skilled and trained workers who provide fire protection solutions for complex situations, be it underground tunnels, mass rapid transit stations, power substations, oil & gas industries and any type of buildings. We do

Fire Protection Installation

  • Floor and Wall openings
  • UPVC pipe penetration openings
  • Gaps around pipes and cables 
  • Structural Joints
  • Curtain Wall gaps

Fire-rated board enclosure installation upto 4 hours

  • Wet & Dry riser pipes
  • Hydrant pipes
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Sprinkler pipes
  • Smoke & Kitchen exhaust ducts
  • Acids and Toxic gas exhaust ducts
  • Diesel, Fuel, Oil and Gas pipe protection pipes
  • Cable trays
  • Cable trunkings and Busbars
  • UPVC pipes
  • Fire compartment walls

Fire Barrier Panel Installation 

  • Cable floors
  • Raised floors
  • Ramp openings for Electrical Substations

General Purpose Installation 

  • Partitions with impact resistance
  • Internal & Drywall partitions
  • Curtain wall & Smoke barriers
  • Industrial Linings
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Fire Protection Shutters

Fire and Smoke curtains upto 4 hours rating


B3 Engineering Pte Ltd is the authorized applicator for Hilti firestop products and approved installer for Promat and Intumex fire-rated board systems up to 4 hours fire rating. All our products are approved by TUV SUD PSB (Productivity Standards Board).

Hilti Products 

Hilti has a comprehensive mixture of fire protection products to contain any type of fire breakout within a building. Hilti’s fire protection products range from sealants, mortar, intumescent wrapper, jackets, acoustic board, coated board, fire pillow, fire bricks and spray.

Promat Products 

Promat products are versatile in nature. They are used to protect fake gucci bag exhaust steel ducts, smoke extraction steel ducts, ventilation ducts, wet and dry rise pipes